Throughout the year, TRA members work to facilitate and engage in research initiatives that will advance the goals originally set out by the board. TRA highlights research that showcases how universities can contribute to the DFW community and area industries.


Advancement to “Tier One” Status for Emerging Research Institutes

Three institutions in region have made it a priority to become full-fledged Tier One research institutions: University of North Texas, University of Texas at Arlington, and the University of Texas at Dallas. Currently these institutions are designated as Emerging Research Institutions by the state of Texas.

TRA tracks Tier One status of these institutions and works with the chambers to develop research capabilities reports. Through our research we look to find ways to aid these institutions to reach to the Tier One measurements created by the State of Texas.

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Featured Research from Partner Universities

 Smart City Transportation System

Professors Nicholas Gans and Ryn Zalila-Wenkstern lead a collaborative projects to lay the ground work for systems that will increase the quality and efficiency of travel times by implementing adaptive algorithms in traffic control systems. The multidisciplinary team simulated the West End section of downtown Dallas, TX and tested methods to optimize traffic flow. Check out the detailed research report here:  Smart City Transportation System Report